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"Never Stop


- IVy Ovals




Ivy grows everywhere, no matter how harsh the environment. 


 We deliver this type of growth for our clients.

Ivy Ovals is a growth consulting firm specializing in working with startups and small businesses. We ramp up our clients’ revenue from $0 to $25M. We have core expertise in sales, digital advertising, product growth, and strategy.



We help you make critical executive decisions to reach your goals.



We build and optimize our clients’ marketing funnel so that they can drive client acquisition, lower CAC and reach critical revenue targets.



We train sales teams, advise companies how to go about hiring for critical sales positions, and create customized sales methodologies for clients so that they can close deals and drive revenue.

Product Growth

Client acquisition is worthless if users aren’t being retained. We dig deep into the numbers to see where our clients’ products and user experience journeys can be optimized to drive increased engagement and retention.

We help

companies grow from $0 to

$25M in revenuE

Just Imagine What We Can Do For You

We Believe In Giving Value Before We Ask For Your Business.


“Kevin is one of the most original thinkers I’ve ever encountered... Within his first 2 months he managed to gather more host sign-ups than we had achieved the previous 6 months…”


CEO, Globe (Y Combinator)

Emmanuel Bamfo

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 “They take their time to learn what you really want, what you really need, and how to build the right image to make it happen. With this team by your side, you can be sure that you'll grow!"

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Co-founder, EcoCicloOficial

Patricia Zanella

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“They built us a community of loyal followers in 3 months with no ad budget. I tried to accomplish the same goal for nine months to no avail. If they can’t do it, it can’t be done.”


CEO, Alerje (Crain's 40)

Javier Evelyn

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